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How Many Different Types of Plumbing Repair Are There?

There are three kinds of plumbing repair

that are done to address malfunctions which occur with plumbing, and these are, the repair of a leak, repairing any mechanical parts of a fixture, such as a valve or faucet, and the clearing of a blockage within the drainage system. Leaks can happen anywhere in a system for various reasons. Mechanical malfunctions happen mainly when a valve doesn’t work right, and the flow of water is not regulated correctly. Clogs happen in the drainage part of a system and are more obvious when water doesn’t drain from the sink or toilet. Any kind of plumbing issue does pose a health risk and should be looked at immediately.

Most systems have a supply, this brings in water from a central facility and a drainage side that will drain off any used water, along with any waste. The supply side brings water in to a property using great pressure, it travels through a system of tubes which are built to withstand tremendous water pressure. When these tubes are connected, the joints are bound using one of several methods, like soldering, solvent welding or compression joints. The drainage side have wider pipes which take dirty water and waste to the central sewer system.

Leaks in the supply part of a system usually happen when a pipe has frozen and then burst, a joint has failed, or the plastic tubing has deteriorated. When a leak happens with the supply side, water escapes the system and causes damage to the immediate vicinity. When a leak happens, it has to be stopped and a plumbing service

professional must be called immediately.

After shutting off the water supply to the problem area, the water is then drained from the system in order for the plumbing repair to be done, this normally means replacing damaged portion. This kind of repair can be expensive and time consuming due to the fact that the supply tubes are hidden away beneath floors or behind walls, which makes the access hard. Care has to be undertaken to protect any flammable items should heat soldering be part of the repair process.

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