How to Handle Leaky Pipes

Tips form a Local Plumbing Service Provider for Dealing with Pipe Leaks

A lot of homeowners don’t inspect their homes very often. As long as everything works, they don’t go the extra mile to maintain or care for it. Sadly, when it comes to plumbing problems, that attitude is not recommended. What you need to do is maintain and care for your plumbing system regularly, or at least let a professional take a look at it every once in a while.

When talking about problems, pipe leaks are one of the most common issues that you may have to deal with. The reason for that is because they are exposed to various and different negative influences. To prevent any leaks and avoid calling a plumbing repair contractor, just keep an eye on your pipes. Here is what you should be wary about:

External factors:

  • With time, even the weakest influence can deteriorate your pipes. Rust and corrosion are great examples of things that can eat through your pipes and plumbing system. It may take them years to ruin your pipe, but it will surely happen. This usually happens in places and areas with plenty of excess moisture. So, if you have a basement with pipes and plenty of moisture, this is the first place a plumbing repair company would check for issues. Exterior pipes are also subjected to pressure from plant roots. Tree roots, for example, can bend a pipe until it corrodes enough to break down. Once a pipe cracks, the roots can enter in it through even the tiniest of holes. Once inside, they can cause clogs, low pressure and further leaks.

Internal factors:

  • Internal factors include rust and corrosion in combination with internal clogs and obstructions. These two can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t maintain your plumbing too often. Once a pipe accumulates some excess material inside, it starts to clog, and if it’s already weakened by corrosion, the result is a nice big leak.

You can contain a leak by shutting the water supply off, taping the leak with duct tape, and placing some buckets under it. After that, however, we recommend you call a professional plumbing service provider to take a look at it.

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