Advice on DIY Jobs Homeowners Should Never Do

Mistakes Homeowners Make When They Don’t Use a Professional Plumbing Company

Not supporting any hanging pipes
When you are installing new pipes, the most common area to run it is on the basement ceiling. This will make it much easier to spot leaks, do repairs, and get access to any emergency valves. But, most homeowners neglect to correctly support them. Every pipe must be supported every 4ft from their fittings and branch connections. This is doubly important for drains; however, a requirement for all piping.

Incorrect connectors
Using the wrong connectors, especially ones that are different metals, is another mistake made by homeowners when they are performing DIY repairs; this will end up costing you a lot of money. Connecting different types of metal, like copper to steel, requires very specific coupling; this will stop them from corroding at their connections.

Incorrect drainage slope
Drains should go downhill, however, there is a specific slope which drain pipes should be installed at, to make sure the correct flow of waste to your sewage pipe is done. Most homeowners set this too high, which means the liquid will flow too fast and leave behind solid waste, thus increasing the chances of a blockage. The correct slope should be one quarter of an inch to every foot of piping.

Stripping your pipe threads
It does seem basic; however, it is a major problem which DIY enthusiasts make when attempting repairs. When creating seals on all connections, remember, plumbing is not a test of strength, and when you overtighten a pipe, it will create problems later on down the line if you have to access it again. Overtightening will strip threads on PVC and chrome pipes, which will mean a leak will eventually occur.

Using the wrong snake drain
Even though using a drain snake will save you the money for not calling out a professional plumbing company, most homeowners actually use the wrong type. Toilets need a special augur to stop the snake from damaging porcelain, and washing machines etc. do require a different type than tubs or shower drains need.

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